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"KC House Whisperer's advice has saved me hundreds a month.  Thanks Keith for all your exceptional, yet practical advice."
-The Smith Family
"Thank you KC House Whisperer you saved me and my husband a huge headache.  KC House Whisperer steered us in the right direction when we were looking to buy a new home."
-Jamie Klien


The “KC House Whisperer” offers Kansas City homeowners a free initial consultation meeting. My new and exciting real estate services then advise Kansas City homeowners on most any important home decision or issue, some of which include:

  • How can I make my home more energy efficient for the best investment?
  • How can I make my home more “green” for the best investment?
  • How can I make my home exterior more maintenance free for the best investment?
  • If I decide to remodel my home, how do I protect my interests and make sure the project is completed with quality and on time?
  • If I have a major problem with my home, who should I contact for assistance?
  • If I decide to buy another home, how can I get the most quality for the best price and how do I protect my interests?

Unique Professional Results

My goal as the "KC House Whisperer" is to provide Kansas City homeowners a central resource of real estate knowledge and consulting services that can address and resolve any important home decision or issue". I have great confidence in my consulting abilities and services to help home owners address major home decisions and to resolve most any home issue. "If I cannot assist you in addressing and resolving your home decision or issue, I will refer you to someone who can".