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"KC House Whisperer's advice has saved me hundreds a month.  Thanks Keith for all your exceptional, yet practical advice."
-The Smith Family
"Thank you KC House Whisperer you saved me and my husband a huge headache.  KC House Whisperer steered us in the right direction when we were looking to buy a new home."
-Jamie Klien

About Us

My name is Keith Worrel, the “The KC House Whisperer”. I am a specialist real estate consultant and educator in the Kansas City area. I was a custom homebuilder, developer and home inspector for eight years which allowed me to acquire extensive residential construction experience and knowledge. More recently, I have developed and continue to teach numerous real estate workshops that inform and protect consumers in very important areas of real estate.

As “The KC House Whisperer”, I am offering KC real estate consumers my unique and valuable residential real estate knowledge and services that will inform and assist you in making wise, informed decisions when purchasing, remodeling or building your home. I also offer unique energy advisory services in order to improve home energy efficiencies. Lastly, I offer consulting solutions to KC consumers in resolving major home issues/problems that other companies cannot solve.

Kansas City is a truly unique city as to the building standards, construction materials used and the building techniques employed. It seems that KC real estate consumers are always looking for and needing valuable and expert knowledge and services concerning home decisions and issues that can assist and prepare them in making wise, informed home decisions. As “The KC House Whisperer”, I am an advocate, consultant and educator for all KC real estate consumers.

If I can assist you in any way with any home decision or issue, I would be glad to meet with you at your convenience. I am also available to answer any other real estate questions you may have or to further discuss any of your real estate needs. Feel free to contact “The KC House Whisperer” at (913)940-0395.